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conversationsCouponKatie has been up and running for a month now, and I can’t tell you how exciting the past four weeks have been.  This site is beginning to pick up some traffic and from what I “hear” from others in Knoxville – there’s a bit of a buzz about it.  I am so thankful for all our visitors to the website and the local business and other local bloggers that have worked with me to get this site off the ground.

Check out on Friday for my first post as a weekly contributor ot their site and enter into a FREE GIVE-A-WAY for a…well, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you how to stay connected with and get the latest on the best deals in Knoxville.

1.  Sign up for CouponKatie’s Mobile Updates (enter your cell number in the box on the right).  This is the fastest and easiest way to get the hottest deals in town delivered to you where ever you are (or where your phone is).  As this site grows, we will be offering some special deals and coupons for our Mobile Subscribers Only. (*CouponKatie will never distribute your personal information/phone number to a third party)

2.  Follow @CouponKatie on Twitter. What is Twitter?  Click here and read eveything you need to know about how to start on Twitter (provided by one of our sponsors Spokes Marketing)

3.  Join CouponKatie Savers Group on Facebook.

4.  Subscribe via Email. Just enter your email in the “Subscribe by Email” box to the right.  (You will receive a verification email to activate your subscription.)  And then you can have all the daily content of CouponKatie delivered directly to your inbox and you never have to visit the site again…although I hope that you make it a habit visiting often.  You know never know, there might be exclusive offers available to only our subscribers.

5.  Subscribe in a Reader. Just click the link to the right and you can subscribe to CouponKatie in your choice of RSS readers.  Don’t know what and RRS reader? Don’t worry.  It’s just a way to get the content you want in a way you want.  For example: if you have a GMAIL account, Just click the button at the bottom of the CouponKatie Deals frame below, and you can add the CouponKaite “feed” (short for news feed) to your Google homepage.

6.  Post your comments. I am very interested in hearing about the deals you are finding and the ways in which you have found to save a few bucks.  So post your comments for the world to read.

I hope that you will find the information here useful and this site can help you save some money, but I am only one person.  Let’s see how many people we can get talking about the deals in Knoxville so that everyone can share the savings.


  1. Hi Katy, this is Gary store manager at papa murphys. I received your survey to contact you through this email? thank you, Gary

  2. Michele K says:

    Where is the subscribe by email box. Cannot find it now. I have a new address.


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