Knoxville News Sentinel Weekend Edition Subscription Deal

knslogoI am a subscriber .

For the next 13 weeks, at least, I am a Weekend Subscriber to the Knoxville News-Sentinel. If you are a Couponeer (yes I just made that up) you should be to.

They are running a deal,

Weekend delivery for 13 weeks for $21.84.

I did the math.  If you start your subscription in the next few weeks there will be coupon inserts in 11 of those 13 papers.   If you usually buy yours at Weigel’s like we do, you would spend $22.00.


  1. The paper is delivered to your house,
  2. No spending a little extra on some coffee or a sausage biscuit (The HUSBAND)
  3. You can read a little news on Friday and  Saturday too.

If you didn’t save the insert here is the info. Call 865-521-8181 or 1-800-237-5821 and ask for Weekend delivery for 13 weeks for $21.84. If they ask for a code it is NEWSPAPER-MM.

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