Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Today was Father’s Day card making day. We got out all our makers, stickers, crayons, glue etc and set to work. It was fun even though both boys required a bath afterward. I know homemade cards are not necessarily  a creative idea- hold on here it comes.

After my 3 year old made his card I took a marker and asked him “What do you think about when you think about daddy?”  His answers were hilarious, sweet, insightful (for a 3 year old) and surprising. It was so fun to hear him tell me what he likes about daddy, what he likes to do with daddy etc. I wrote down each thing he said word for word in the card.

I am planning to type them all up so we can save them and make the same list year after year.  Most of them are laugh out loud funny. I also think it will be encouraging for THE HUSBAND to read all the funny and sweet things his son has to say about him. I think it also reveals a lot about how much the little things he does with his daddy matter to him. THE HUSBAND will know that all those nights he comes home tired and still finds energy to play and wrestle around mean a lot to his boys.

So what about you? Any great frugal and creative ideas for meaningful gifts for dad on Father’s Day?

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**Photo by Heather Linton

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