Twitter Can Get You Free Pizza Hut Pizza Rolls

pizzahutIf you don’t used twitter here is one more reason you should. This is the tweet that came from Pizza Hut today “free stuffed pizza rolls offer for new and current facebook and twitter followers! look for the special code on July 4! Luv my new job!”

To celebrate and promote their efforts in using social media to boost sales they are offering one free order of Stuffed Pizza Rolls with an online purchase of a large pizza at menu price on July 4th only. Here is the press release about the campaign if you are interested.

A lot of companies are getting into the “social media thing” so it is a great idea to follow your favorite stores and restaurants. More and more great deals are being announced this way.  So if you don’t have one, get a twitter account, follow @couponkatie and your other favorite places.

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