Coupon Katie Featured in August Issue of First for Women

First for Women FeatureWhen THE HUSBAND said a few months ago, “Honey, you should start a web site…” and show people how to save money on their grocery bills; I never thought it would amount to much.  Well, I did that and before I knew it traffic to this site was taking off.

The next thing I knew, local TV stations were sending crews over to the house to interview me about  That was a lot of fun.  The boys got a big kick out of seeing mommy and daddy on TV.  But then I received an email from a “follower” on Twitter about Help a Reporter Out (HARO).

Eventually I was swapping emails with Rachel Aydt – a writer for First for Women.  Rachel was planning to do a feature on women that use technology to save on their grocery bills.  After a few emails back and forth, Rachel informed me that my story was going to be featured in the August issue of First for Women.

The next thing I knew I was coordinating a photo shoot with Heather Linton Photography and spending the day at the spa getting gussied-up for a photo shoot at the new Kroger in Farragut.

After a few hundred pictures, one was finally chosen by the magazine staff and the waiting began.

Finally on July 13, the August issue of First for Women hit the stands, and I couldn’t be more excited.

The section of the article in which I am featured, describes the way I use my shopping cards in combination with other websites to save money on my grocery bills.

You can find First for Women at the check-out stands or magazine racks in most grocery stores.

The article is on page 84, and the funny thing is…I never look like that when I go shopping.  I usually haven’t had time to put on make up and am wearing a T-shirt and running shorts, not to mention trying to wrangle groceries and toddlers all at once.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen.

But most of all, I hope that this article will show that with a little planning, we all can save a little bit extra each time we head to the grocery store.