Kroger: Giving Back Cash For E Coupons That Did Not Work?

krogerlogoIf you read about my Kroger trip this week you saw that among other issues on the trip some of my e coupons (Shortcuts, Cellfire, PGesaver) did not come off my order. I know others of you have had difficulty resolving this matter so,   I was excited when I got this email:

Hey Katie,
I just read on your blog where some of your e-coupons didn’t work. That happened to me last week, too. So I brought back my receipt with the ecoupons that didn’t work printed off from my computer and brought that to Customer Service and they gave it back to me in cash. You can do the same with paper coupons if you forget some. I’m sure you already know this, but just in case wanted to let you know!


Thanks Allyson for your confidence in my couponing skills but, No I did not know that. I am super glad to hear it though. I am planning on giving it a try. Did everyone else already know this? Has anyone else tried it? This is why I love getting e mails from readers I always learn something new. Thanks Allyson!


  1. Each of the E-Coupon sites should have their own customer service links to report any problems you had with e-coupons being redeemed. I’ve had it happen a couple of times and used the e-coupon site help links to enter in my receipt info and report the amounts in error. Once I entered the info I almost immediately received an email that the amount had been credited to my Kroger card for my next shopping trip.

    I’m going to assume that the store may have given the reader above a refund as part of their good customer service practices but they may not be getting reimbursed for that amount they paid out. Not sure though.

  2. Mrssmith says:

    I have only had any success with getting Kroger to fix something if a catalina didn't print (they call the company and get it fixed and the company mailed it to me). And if Kroger charges you the wrong amount, they give you the item for free. But as far as ecoupons-they said they can't do anything about that-to contact P&G and shortcuts… and I am almost THROUGH with shortcuts as I do not have any luck getting them to respond, much less give me the coupon amount that didn't come off. The only time they did respond, they said we'll give you credit on your next order and it never came off…sorry to be cynical, but this is what has happened to me. Today I had a problem with P&G and I came home to RELOAD a coupon for the second time that for some reason said it loaded, but didn't or didn't come off when I bought the item this morning. So I had to go back, return it and buy it again. I hope they get all their glitches worked out soon!

  3. Excellent information, Allyson! Happens to me every time….

  4. cynmclu says:

    I was in Kroger last Friday, and I had 3 Catalinas that didn't print. I spoke with the manager and she was going to call the company, but ended up just giving me a kroger gift card for the value of the catalinas. Also, when I got home I noticed that 2 Shortcuts coupons did not come off the receipt. I sent them and e-mail and the next day they replied and they have put the amount of the coupons back on my kroger card and it is supposed to come off the next time I shop. I guess I have been lucky because this was the first time this has ever happened!

  5. smithk12 says:

    I love the idea of ecoupons that you load from the calm of your own home. I am hopeful that they will become more reliable AND more stores will start using them. When one of my two children are not having a meltdown in the checkout line, I try to watch everything that rings up especially the items that have ecoupons. If the ecoupons do not come off, I just ask the cashier to take off that item. I am so hopeful that ecoupons will become better in the future.

  6. Meredith says:

    I had 3 cellfires not come off and I just went to the cellfire website and entered the neccessary info. Within 2-3 hrs I had an email and they put the amount of coupons that did not come off on my cellfire card in a “general” amount. When I shopped this week $2.50 just came off my total. Cellfire was very easy to work with.

  7. beckyjd says:

    My cellfire coupon for $2.50 off Pedigree Dentastix dog treats did not come off the total last week. Today I was in Kroger in Oak Ridge (where I shop) and they told me sorry, there was nothing they could do about it.

  8. beckyjd says:

    My cellfire coupon for $2.50 off Pedigree Dentastix dog treats did not come off the total last week. Today I was in Kroger in Oak Ridge (where I shop) and they told me sorry, there was nothing they could do about it.

  9. Lisagilliam says:

    I did not know this either,i get all of my information from emails too.does anyone know what is going to be on sale next week at krogers i heard it was a mega sale

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