Kroger: Giving Back Cash For E Coupons That Did Not Work?

krogerlogoIf you read about my Kroger trip this week you saw that among other issues on the trip some of my e coupons (Shortcuts, Cellfire, PGesaver) did not come off my order. I know others of you have had difficulty resolving this matter so,   I was excited when I got this email:

Hey Katie,
I just read on your blog where some of your e-coupons didn’t work. That happened to me last week, too. So I brought back my receipt with the ecoupons that didn’t work printed off from my computer and brought that to Customer Service and they gave it back to me in cash. You can do the same with paper coupons if you forget some. I’m sure you already know this, but just in case wanted to let you know!


Thanks Allyson for your confidence in my couponing skills but, No I did not know that. I am super glad to hear it though. I am planning on giving it a try. Did everyone else already know this? Has anyone else tried it? This is why I love getting e mails from readers I always learn something new. Thanks Allyson!