CVS: Free Product When You Use Your ExtraCare Card In August

cvsfreeOne more reason to love CVS. This month when you use your ExtraCare card you will get a coupon for a free product.

You can either make a purchase or use one of the price scanners to get yours. When I was there last night the girl in front of me got a free CVS  hand lotion, I got a free CVS chapstick coupon.  Two other high value coupons also printed.

Have you been to CVS yet? What free product did you get?


  1. Mrssmith says:

    I got chapstick. I will put it it in our shoeboxes. If you don't know what I mean go to Samaritan's Purse or Billy Graham and check it out. The kids and I did 2 boxes last year and our goal if to do 5 this year.

  2. Mrssmith says:

    I should have specified Operation Christmas Child. This is also a good way to give school supplies that you get for free, but don't need. Some kids in other countries would be thrilled to have a pencil so they could go to school!

  3. I got a free roll of paper towels!! As did the person in front of me. Person behind me got a free tooth brush!

  4. I got a free bottle of CVS aspirin.

  5. I received a coupon for a free roll of paper towels.

  6. bridget011 says:

    I recieved CVS Pain Reliever Med's

  7. Asprin

  8. Asprin

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