Kroger $3/1 Comforts Diaper Coupon Reset?

KrogerDiapersSeveral people are reporting that the Kroger $3/1 Comforts diapers coupon has reset. I tried and could not find it. I will keep trying today though because these diapers have always worked well for me and are regularly priced at $6.97. This makes for some really cheap diapers- which I always appreciate.

Can you find this coupon? I am interested to see if it has only reset in certain zip codes.


  1. I got mine this morning! Yea!

  2. I have found the coupon on the Kroger coupons page, but it isn't reset for me. It says “print limit reached” though I printed it months ago. We like these diapers too, but when you can get Huggies at Walgreens for under $4, I'm certainly not paying full price for them!

  3. me too.

  4. me too.

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