Target Toy Coupon Book

Target-ToysHave you seen the new Target Toy Coupon Book? I looked at my Target today and did not see it. I did not have time to run by customer service and ask if they were coming out here soon.

There are several good Target coupons in the book (totaling over $400) and the best part is they can be combined with manufacturers coupons to get some great deals. So next time you are at Target do some looking around and if you find them leave a comment to let us know.

Here are some of my favorite coupons in the book:

$20 off Fisher-Price Little People Discovery Airport
$10 off LeapFrog Alphabet Pal
$5 off Thomas & Friends (Various)
$5 off Lego Toy (Various)
$20 off Step2 Lifestyle New Traditions Kitchen
$10 off Magic Reveal Chef’s Oven
$10 off Fisher-Price Play My Way Play Center
$20 off Playwonder Kitchen Center
$5 off Hasbro Games:
-Scatterpillar Scramble + $4/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
-Connect 4 SpongeBob
-Operation SpongeBob
-Clue Secret & Spies + $5/1 coupon from here
– Guess Who? Extra
– Pictureka Flipper + $5/1 coupon from here
– Giraffalaff Limbo + $4/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
– Sorry SpongeBob
– Guesstures + $5/1 coupon from here

I have also read that last year some of these came out as printable Target coupons. I’ll let you know if that happens. For right now keep an eye out for the book and for deal scenarios for these coupons!

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