After Christmas Sales: Money Saving Strategies

If you are planning to do any (more) after Christmas bargain hunting you should go check out Nancy Twigg’s  article “Striking Gold at After Christmas Sales”on her Good Cents blog.

I got to talk to Nancy last week and share a few ideas for this article.  She is a money saving expert and a great local resource. If you don’t already read her blog and column you should!


  1. I did a little after Christmas shopping for things for next Christmas (like paper,boxes, etc). I noticeed most places did not seem to have as much as last year. At Target I asked and the worker said they just didn't order as much because they were uncertain of people buying as they have previously-so they were being conservative. And the Walgreens cashier said they would only go to 50% off this year (don't know if that is just for their store or not). So I see that the economy affects bargain shopping, too.

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