Are You Getting Kroger Coupons in the Mail?

I was checking out at Kroger today when I saw a big sign that asked “Are you getting valuable Kroger coupons in the mail?”

It went on to say that if not you should call 1-800-Krogers or stop by the customer service desk.Β  If you shop at Kroger and are not getting them I would highly recommend calling.Β  They often send out $ off purchase coupons and free item coupons.


  1. I shop at Krogers all the time, bujt never receive coupons in the mail. The only time i have access to a computer is at my sons house. I would like to receive coupons in the mail. My address is: Carol Nelson 900 First Colonial Rd. Apt.118 Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 I would apprecisate getting coupons to save on productts. Hhank you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  2. Joy Goodpaster says:

    Several friends and familt members are getting kroger coupons in the mail. I shop at the store in New Castle IN and use my Kroger card everytime. I have never received coupons in the mail.

  3. i would like to receive coupons in the mail, how do i go about doing this, please let me know, i have a kroger card….

  4. rose haury says:

    I would like to receive the Kroger coupon “books” that I used to receive through the U.S. mail service. Please reply.

  5. andrea jackson says:

    would like to coupons in the mail

  6. Cathy Canfield says:

    I have no printer and would like to receive coupons by mail thank

  7. patty derry says:

    I want ad’s and free coupons to be mailed to me at 713 east 8th street Kewanee Illinois 61443

  8. coupons just stop comeing by mail, have not received them for months.

  9. Beverly Simmons says:

    I am trying to get the package of coupons sent thru mail.

  10. Beverly Simmons says:

    I am trying to get the package of coupons sent thru mail.sent to

  11. Please send Kroger coupon book

  12. Charlotte Vallance says:

    I have applied for Coupons in the mail but have never received any:
    My name is Charlotte Vallance …65 Sipples Dr. Lake Orion Mich.
    Thank You πŸ™‚

  13. Thank you, for I have always received the coupons & delighted to get them. The majority of coupons are for the things that I actually buy, and it also gives me a chance here and there to try new things. I am emailing you as I have moved, and want to continue receiving them. Please advise as to how I can update my new address. Again, Thanks

  14. Charlotte Vallance says:

    I had a Mix up with my Kroger Card……Got that taken care of but, still have never received any Coupons in the mail from Kroger!!!!!
    My Name is
    Charlotte Vallance
    65 Sipples Dr.
    Lake Orion, Mich. 48362

    Thank You Very Much!!!!!!

  15. sandy bradley says:

    I shop at your store 3-4 times a week love the good prices would like to get coupons in the mail my address is 1733 indian ridge drive,woodstock,ga 30189

  16. Jonette A. Chamber says:

    I would like to continue, the received, my Kroger coupons thru the mail.

  17. Marie Ray says:


  18. kimberly howard says:

    i would love too get coupons in the mail.


    Haven`t received any since I signed Up πŸ™
    I am a Regular at Krogers Daily πŸ™‚

  20. I had always gotten coupons until about six months ago. Then they stopped. No one can tell me why. I am disappointed in the Kroger company.
    My mother still receives them. Guess I will have to get a new account. Or phone number.

  21. annette smith says:

    I like to get coupons in the mail for kroger

  22. annette smith says:

    my address is 70 mount tabor road waverly ohio 45690

  23. I want Kroger coupons mailed to me.

  24. Charlotte. Vallance says:

    Would Love moe Coupons from Krogers!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  25. I love coupons. I shop Kroger a lot.
    I would to receive coupons to save money on many items.

  26. My mailing address is 70 Pebble Brook Drive, Calera, Okla. 74730

  27. Please send me a free Krogers ad in the mail please to my address as it is please 605 Burkesville street Columbia KY 42728 apartment 101 thank u. God bless you all

  28. Charlotte. Vallance says:

    I have only recieved Kroger Coupons in the Mail 2 Times in the past Year.

  29. Audrey Boviall says:

    I called the number and they said they send them out if you have shopped every month for at least the past six months. I have, but still do not get them. They did send out a pack of coupons as a courtesy since I was not getting any and the lady on the phone could not tell me why.

  30. Is your card registered online? Have you gone to and set up a password and loaded coupons to your card? This has helped people in the past who were not getting coupons.

  31. evelyn collins says:

    I would like to received the Kroger”s coupons by mailed. I use to get them but they have stopped.

  32. earlene foster says:

    i would like to get krogers coupons by mail.

  33. marilynn kennett says:

    I would like to get coupons in the mail

  34. Charlotte Vallance says:

    I Only Get them about 2 Times a Year & I Shop almost daily:

  35. marlyn edgerley says:

    I would like to receive coupons in the mail beause I dod not have a printer. my sister does and said it is great.

  36. i shopping most of the time i go their most everyday but i dont get any coupons in the mail please can i have i so jelousey to my sister she get her coupons a lot by mail.pls me too!

  37. Sarah R.Clark-Woodrum says:

    I would really appreciate to have coupons sent to my home address thank you Sarah

  38. marilynn kennett says:

    no I not

  39. Sharon martzolff says:

    I would like to receive coupons.Sharon martzolff..

  40. marilynn kennett says:


  41. i would like to recive your coupon. thank you phyllis neff

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