Babies ‘R’ Us/Toys ‘R’ Us: Earth’s Best diapers for $3/package (January 1-3, 2010)

With one still in diapers and another one on the way I was really excited to see this incredible deal on Earth’s Best diapers.  If you need diapers or know anyone else who does you will want to check out this deal.

January 1-3, 2010, Babies R’ Us and Toys R’ Us will have packages of Earth’s Best diapers priced at $5 per package. You can use the Babies R Us $2 off coupon here to get them for $3 a pack. There is also a  $1.50/1 coupon here to get them for $3.50 per package after the coupon.

You will only be able to use one of the Babies R Us coupons and  print one of the other coupon per computer. Also the ad says there is a limit of three packages of diapers per customer  so if you have friends or family that can print a coupon for you ask!

Thanks, Money Saving Mom


  1. amandangiles says:

    Found out if you right click on the picture, you can print as many of the $2 coupons that you want.

  2. Amanda-
    Thanks, I think the coupon says one per customer though so my guess is they will only honor one $2.

  3. amandangiles says:

    No worries, my husband is going along to use his coupon.

  4. Let me know how the trip turns out. The selection at the store I went to has dismal. But on a good note the $2 coupon comes off of every package you buy so you only need one per customer!

  5. mmslattery says:

    I just returned from Babies R Us on Kingston Pike and they are out of all Earths Best diapers. Apparently 15 women were lined up when the doors opened this morning and swiped them all. Who are you people?! 😉

    On a positive note, the 76 count of Seventh Generation diapers are half off ($9.99) and it does qualify for the same $2 discount. So it's like getting two regular packs for $4 each. And there are still some of those left. Happy shopping.

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