Five Coupon Inserts in This Sunday’s Paper

That is right- there are five coupon inserts scheduled for this Sunday’s  (1/3) paper.  There should be 3 Smartsource inserts and 2 Red Plum inserts. It is weeks like this that I usually buy an extra paper or two!

You can go here for an overview of coupons included but remember there is always regional variations in coupons and coupon values.


  1. Did anyone have the Nivea coupons in the Knox News? I was really looking forward to those…

  2. I am in Knoxville visiting family and would like to pick up some extra newspapers today. I am from Greenville, SC and can purchase Sunday papers at my local Walgreens for $.88. Is there anywhere in Knoxville that has a lower price for papers?

  3. Julie- I just clipped all of mine and did not see them either.
    Molly- Wow $.88 is a great price for a Sunday paper! I don't know of anywhere around here you could find it that cheap.

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