Krispy Kreme:Free Doughnuts

krisykremeholidayA HUGE thanks to Gabrielle at Couponing  in Critical Times for this Krispy Kreme Freebie.

Now through December 25th when you buy a dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme you get 12 free holiday gift tags. Hang on there is better news- there is a free doughnut coupon on the back of each gift tag. Woo-hoo.  The free donut coupons are valid the entire month of January.

I checked the  list of participating stores first to make sure this was happening in our area. I was very excited to see the Krispy Kreme stores at 6201 Kingston Pike and 4842 North Broadway are participating!!


  1. yes, just what I needed a dozen donuts (not)…

  2. yes, just what I needed a dozen donuts (not)…

  3. I found these coupons in the trash at my inlaws house. Of course I took them out! My kids love going to watch the factory. They now have smaller donuts that are the perfect size for kids.

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