Lowes Build and Grow Clinc: Build a Pet Treat Keeper

petLooking for some frugal fun for the kids this weekend? Lowe’s Build and Grow workshop will be held on Saturday, December 19  from 10:00-11:00 A.M.

It is recommended that you pre-register so they will have enough kits. (After attending the last clinic I would HIGHLY recommend registering online. The nice lady told us they had over 50 register on line so they had very few extra kits.) Attendees receive a free kit, a kid-sized apron, a set of goggles, and all the tools and materials needed to build a Pet Treat Keeper. When they finish the project they will receive a certificate of achievement as well as a patch or pin picturing the item they made.

If you are scheduling ahead the next clinic is January 9, 2010 and they will be building a coin bank.


  1. Pet Travel Blog says:

    Yeah i know that it is recommended that we have to pre-register so they will have enough kits… If there is any other info regardig this topic let me know..hope you will post few more info in this post..
    Pet Travel Blog

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