Pampers Gifts To Grow: 20 Free Points

If you participate in  Pampers Gifts to Grow Program good news, there are two new codes out right now and each one gives you 10 points!

You can use the code: HappyHolidays10 to get 10 points and welcome2village to get another 10 points added to your Gifts to Grow Account.

If you have not signed up for this program (or if you have not visited in a while) I would encourage you to. Pampers has recently launched as new rewards program with even more rewards and Free Shipping on all items. Which makes it much better than the previous set up in my opinion.

You will find points in Pampers diaper and wipes products and occasionally they will release codes like this for free points. I am saving my points now to get free diapers to store away for baby #3!

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