The Proof: Kroger Saved $92.27

krogerlogoI tired an experiment in grocery shopping this morning-going early. I got up at 6 and left THE HUSBAND to feed the kids breakfast if they got up before I returned.

The pros: I did not have two young kids to load, unload, push in a cart, entertain, remind to be kind to each other etc.. I got some good produce on manager’s special. The store was not at all busy with customers.

The cons: Kroger was out of a few things I needed. The morning truck had not come yet so I was not able to get carrots, strawberries, hamburger, the bread I like etc. A few aisles were completely blocked by carts and people restocking shelves.

So the verdict is still out on if it is easier to get up early and go or wait a few hours and take the kiddos.
Today is the 50% off Kellogg’s, Kashi and Keebler sale so I stocked up on a few things. Here are the best deals I got this morning:

4 Annie’s Mac & Cheese-$1
-4 $.50/1 printable
Final cost= Free

4 Kellogg’s Cereals-(2) $1.59, (2) $1.49 (50% sale)
-$5 off 4 printable
Final cost=$.29/box!!

Kellogg’s Nurti Grain Bars- $1.79 (50% sale)
-$.75/1 printable here
Final cost=$1.04

4 Kashi Crackers-$1.74 (50% sale)
-4 $1/1 peelie coupon
Final cost=$.74 each

Kashi Sunshine Cereal- $2.49 (50% sale)
-$1/1 peelie coupon
Final cost=$1.49

Kroger X-large eggs-$1.59
-Buy dozen get dozen free printable (no longer available)
Final cost=$.80/dozen

Dole Pineapple-$1.45
-$.50/1 printable
Final cost=$.45

Kroger Shredded Cheese-$1.50
-$.45 Kroger mailer coupon
Final cost=$1.05

Parkay Sticks- $1
-$1/2 from Dec All You Mag
Final cost=$.50 each

Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes-$1.99
-$1/1 printable
Final cost=$.99

Rozini Whole Wheat pasta (the best whole wheat pasta I’ve tried)- $1.49
-$1/2 printable
Final cost=$1 each

Little Debbie Cupcakes-$3.09
-Free coupon from mail
Final cost=Free

Comforts Diapers-$6.99
-$3/1 from Kroger mailer
Final cost=$3.99

Starbucks Coffee-$6.99
I confess I did not have a coupon and yes it is the most expensive thing I bought. I tried to make it sound more frugal by saying if you take the empty bag into a Starbucks you get a free Grande coffee, and that is like $4 right? So really I paid like $2 for a bag of coffee, right? Either way it is much better than the cheaper stuff we were drinking and after one bag we are hooked. :0)

Kroger Italian dressing (for marinating)-$1

Tyson Chicken breasts-$1.99/lb

Granny Smith Apples-$1/lb

I also got a lot  more produce, lunch meat, salsa, some canned goods, raisins, dried fruit, applesauce, yogurt etc.

Including tax I spent $98.82 and saved $92.27 50% according to my receipt but I am still not sure how they calculate that. Either way right at 50% sounds good to me and we are stocked up on breakfast food for a few weeks to come!


  1. mmslattery says:

    FYI: A few weeks ago at Target, I noticed most of the Starbucks coffee bags had $3 / 2 coupons attached to them (good through Dec. 31). I admit I snagged a few. Is that bad?

  2. Good News: Actually you saved more than that b/c they do not caculate manager's specials into their savings calculation!

  3. amandangiles says:

    I bought 13 boxes of cereal for $8.

  4. amandangiles says:

    I bought 13 boxes of cereal for $8.

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