Four Inserts in 2/7/10 Sunday’s Paper

If you sometimes pick up an extra Sunday paper or two this is a week to do it. There are four coupon inserts scheduled to come out- 2 SmartSource, 1 Red Plum and 1 Procter & Gamble.  According to an email I got this morning there are four buy one get one free coupons in the Procter & Gamble insert!

Several people have asked about getting a discount for buying multiple Sunday papers. I am not aware of any deal like that in town. Are you ? If so please share!


  1. CouponMommie says:

    New subscribers (at a new address) can subscribe with Discounted Newspapers.

    Knoxville News Sentinel for 26 weeks is only $1.40/wk. There is a disclaimer at the bottom that states the rate will increase to $2.80/wk after the initial 26 weeks but keep reading….

    In my past experience when there was a rate increase on my bill I called the local newspaper advertising department to get an adjustment. **Make sure you verify if it is the local office & NOT their call center! ** While asking for an adjustment I asked if they could “grandfather” my old discounted rate if I were to subscribe to 8 papers. ((Mind you there is 5 in my family and my parents & grandmother use my coupons when we go shopping)) I had to wait a couple of days for a manager to call me back but I was told YES! I have NOT had success the handful of times that I have spoke with the call center as they have no approval authority. So, keep calling back until you get somebody in Ktown!

    Hope that helps~ Jennifer

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