My Kroger Trip: Mistake and Savings

I got to go grocery shopping by myself  last night. So when I say that I grabbed the wrong box of cereal and was one item short of the $3 off when you buy 10 items deal, I have no excuses. I do however have a $4.49 box of Fruity Pebbles. That’s right a $4.49 box of sugar and well that’s about it-however THE HUSABND loves that stuff and thoroughly enjoyed a large bowl of my mistake for breakfast.

Despite my mistake I still managed to save $73.63 or 49% of my bill.  Here are the best deals I got. (The ones on the buy 10 get $3 off deal will be listed like I actually got 10 so you can see how to get the best deal.)

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate-$1.09
-Free coupon from mailer
Final cost=Free

2 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix-$1.69
-2 $.50/1 printable coupons here
-$.50/1 Cellfire e coupon
-$.50/1 Shortcuts e coupon
Final cost= $.19 each

Grands Biscuits- $.99 each
-$.30/2 from /03, 12/13, 12/6 SS or printable
-$.30/2 Shortcuts e coupon
Final cost=$.54 each

Kroger Shredded Cheese- $1.19
– $.45/1 mailer coupon
Final cost= $.74

Other deals
Thomas Honey Wheat English Muffins- $1.49 on BOGO
-$1/1 from March All You Mag.
Final cost=$.49

Kroger Salad-$1.79

-$.50/1 mailer coupon
Final cost=$1.29

Coffeemate Creamer-$1.79
-$50/1 insert coupon
Final cost=$.79

Pampers Wipes-72 ct- $1.99
-$.50/1 from 2/7 PG
Final cost= $.99 each

Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat- Buy 2 Get 1 Free
-$.35/1 from 2/7 insert
-$1/2 2/14 RP
Final cost=$1.75 each

Kroger Chic Peas-$.67
-$.35/2 from home mailer
Final cost= $.50 each

Disney Vitamins-$3.50 on BOGO
-$2 coupon that printed on last Kroger trip
Final cost=$1.50

Arnold Bread-$1.50

Krusteaz Pancake Mix-$2.00
-$.50/1 from inserts
Final cost=$1

Tyson Chicken breasts-$1.99/lb

I bought a lot of produce and used a $4 off $20 produce coupon and I also had a $6 off $60 purchase coupon.

Did you go Krogering this week? What deals did you get?


  1. That's so frustrating when that happens! At the last P&G sale I bought 19 items instead of 20. Sometimes I just can't keep track of it all!

  2. Where did you get the $6 off $60 coupon? I got a set of those when Ft. City first opened – did you get another mailer? I want to request one if yes, as I didn't receive the mailer. I used all the grand opening coupons, they were a great little extra for each purchase!

  3. I have done the same thing – buying one or two less items then I needed – or buying one more than I needed. If you go to customer service they will allow you to go and get the extra item or two and then ring up that item plus give you the discount you should have gotten. They have been wonderful at the Clinton Hwy. Kroger. It is always worth asking to see if they will help you.

  4. On a recent trip to Kroger, I was telling the cashier about how the same thing happened to me. She suggested that next time at check out to tell the cashier how many of the X for $X items you hope to have and they can double check to make sure you have the correct amount before they total the sale. I tried it last week and the cashier was happy to help.

  5. I slso have had trouble with losing count on the “tens” deals. What I do to keep from losing my deals is to check out at the self-check register and take my time, counting as I check out (you know the + signs come up on the screen for items that count in the “tens”). Then when you are finished, hit Pay Now and count how many $3 off or $5 off credits you get at the bottom of the screen (before you give the cashier your coupons). If you didn't get all of the credits you expected, press the Back button and scroll up the screen to re-count…send one of your older children back to get however many items you need (or tell the cashier you forgot something…or void an item if that is better for you)…I usually just buy more of something that I have extra coupons for or something that is a good deal w/o coupons and is in close range of the checkout! I prefer the self check-out most of the time so I can go at my own pace and be sure all of my coupons are counted. The cashiers are too fast for me!

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