Procter & Gamble $100 Coupon Book

Remember the great Procter & Gamble coupon books from last year? Well, they are back for this year and contain $100 of P&G coupons!

How do you get one? You have from now until 4/15/10 to spend $5o on Procter & Gamble products, then fill out this form and send it in with your receipts.  (Remember you can send in multiple receipts, just circle the P&G products and make sure they add up to at least $50.)

It may sound like a lot of work but I thought the books last year were totally worth it.


  1. Do you think this $50 is before coupons or after coupons?

  2. Thanks for asking, The fine print says before tax or coupons. That may look different depending on what store you are at. Target receipts usually have the coupon right under the product, but Kroger receipts just list them all at the end and do not specify. So, you may have to remember if you used a coupon or got a discount.


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