Food City Kid’s Club: Are You A Member?

Food City is the closest grocery store to our home so, I sent THE HUSBAND there on an errand. He came back asking if we are a member of the Food City Kid’s Club.  We were not, but not one to miss a deal these days I decided to investigate.

You can join online. For me this is almost a must. It is very unlikely that I would make a special trip to the store then stand there and fill out a form.  Looking good so far.

There are a few perks.We will give you free items monthly, special offers and programs, balloons, cookies, etc…. And also a Birthday surprise just for you during your Birthday month. Sign up today, it’s FREE.”

Free cookies sealed the deal. I signed up. I rarely go to Food City mainly because I had such luck shopping at Kroger when I first started using coupons. However, I am not opposed to stopping by occasionally if the deals are good enough. We’ll see, and I”ll keep you posted.

Are you already a member? Do you get good coupons/offers and are there really free cookies?