Group Buying Sites: What Do You Think?

Carly Harrington’s recent  article in the Knoxville News Sentinel on local discount deal sites has prompted a lot of questions from readers. So, I thought I’d give you my thoughts on it all and ask you what you think.

There are several options if you are looking to save on dining out, entertainment and more.

Seize the Deal-a group buying site that will be launching soon in Knoxville. Go here to sign up for emails announcing deals.

SugarSaveKnox-a site ran by a great group of local guys that offer a daily deal at 50-90% off. They also give a percentage of their sales to local charities.  Go here to sign up for emails announcing the deals.

Half Off Depot-a discount site in several cities that offers deals 50% off. Their site shows the number of each deal available, they last until they are all bought. No need to sign up, just check their site.

Flutter Today-another local group buying site that launches this week.

Several of you asked if I have used these sites. Yes, we have purchased several gift cards from Half off Depot and one from SugarSave. We use them to save on an occasional family dinner out or date night. Both have been completely reliable as far as getting the gift certificate and redeeming it.

In my opinion these kinds of sites are a great way to stretch your entertainment budget.  What do you think? Have you used any of these sites? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with me and your fellow CK readers.


  1. We have used Half-Off Depot a number of times and it has been great. We have found that we are able to use the certificates and a coupon together – double savings! For instance, we have used the Mancino's certificates (from Half-Off) and brought along a coupon and they let us use both. The selection is limited, but we have snagged a few good deals on there. I am interested to try the other sites.

  2. Anonymous says: is just an aggregator with a bad reputation…


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