Weigel’s Rewards Card=Free Milk & Free Coupons

Do you have a Weigel’s Reward card?

We have a Weigel’s very close to us so we definitely do. It is where we buy most of our milk. It is competitively priced, I like their milk and with their rewards card after you buy 16 gallons you get one free gallon. (I am always amazed how quickly we go through 16 gallons of milk.) Also,  when I am making dinner and realize we have no milk, it is very easy for THE HUBAND to stop in and buy some on his way home.

To make things even better, yesterday we received  two free product coupons in the mail.  There was also a letter which gave an email address ( ) where you can send your name, email address and rewards card number to  start getting more Weigel’s coupons. *Note- Sorry for any confusion, but some of you have been leaving comments with your information- it needs to go to the above email address. Do NOT  leave your information in the comments section.

If  you are not a member and the stores are conveniently located for you, stop by and sign up.

While we’re on the subject, if anyone has any other good ideas on saving on milk leave a comment and share.


  1. Freeze marked down containers (w/ head space as you mentioned in your other article).

  2. lisa fox email address rewards card #1100275363

  3. Lynn Mceachern says:

    Our family has always drank Mayfields milk since I was a child we loved it. Then they built a Weigels in Loudon, Tenn. near our home. Mayfied Milk had got so expensive we tried Weigels
    and we like it so much better. It is also a lot cheaper and we get a free milk after 16 gallons
    and our family drinks a lot of milk. We also get our gas there to which always has lower
    prices and the coffee is wonderful. We are very thankful for having a Weigels nearby.

  4. Food City has a program going on now where you get a free gallon after you buy one free! You have to buy their Food City brand milk (white or chocolate) and you get a printed voucher after each one you buy. Once you've collected 5 vouchers you can go back for a free gallon!

  5. Mistake….I meant you get a free gallon after you buy 5!

  6. Wrnf1360 says: my Id. # 111100020871 I really like receiving coupons they help out and the price of your milk is better than stores .

  7. Otisaileentark says:

    Love the coupons.

  8. Otisaileentark says:

    my husband loves any coupons. Thanks. Aileen.

  9. William M Smith says:

    My EMail is Thank Kert just got home from Chapman store & had mail sign by Bill Thank Bill Smith

  10. Gene Bayless says:

    Gene at ( ) . Weigels card # 111100056238 . Like your milk and convenience of stores.

  11. Jerry & Cheryl Barnfield says:
    I love getting coupons for free merchandise. Free is good!

  12. Edwarddesch says:

    We have13 year old boy that loves weigel' milk please send coupons need all the help we can get card no. is 111100081766

  13. Barbara Lawson says:

    Yes I do like getting coupons for free coke products, coffee, and other treats. I would love to win any of the prizes. My favorite Weigles is the one on Campbell Station Road. I stop there every morning for my coffee on my way to school. My name is Barbara Lawson and my e-mail is My address is 212 Silo Drive,Lenoir City, TN 37772.

    One thing I am concerned about is that when you changed to the new milk card I lost 6 punches where I had purchase 6 gallons of milk. The clerk assured me that it would be corrected, but no such luck. Please check into this for me.

    Thank you.

  14. P. J. Halvorsenl says:

    We are so happy that you have built a new store on Hwy 321 in Lenoir City. We are within a mile of the new store, so it's really convenient for us, in every way. We just wouldn't drink any milk other than Skim D'Lite! Thank you and thanks for the Rewards program, too. You really are good neighbors! Our email address is and our card number is 115500114796.

  15. Ralph Stallcup says:

    i use to be 75% mayfields but now i am 100% weigels. but i dont know what i love the most, the milk or the price. thank you weigels. here is my email address, and my card number is 111100059970.

  16. Judy Faye Mcgill says:

    Thank you for my free coupon on crunch bar & sprite. I have been a weigles purchaser sence 1991. Skim D' Lite is my #1 healthy and great tasting milk. Coupons are needed especially now days .(THANKS) There always is a WEIGLES close by “…. My rewards card no:111100008411.