Weigel’s Rewards Card=Free Milk & Free Coupons

Do you have a Weigel’s Reward card?

We have a Weigel’s very close to us so we definitely do. It is where we buy most of our milk. It is competitively priced, I like their milk and with their rewards card after you buy 16 gallons you get one free gallon. (I am always amazed how quickly we go through 16 gallons of milk.) Also,  when I am making dinner and realize we have no milk, it is very easy for THE HUBAND to stop in and buy some on his way home.

To make things even better, yesterday we received  two free product coupons in the mail.  There was also a letter which gave an email address ( ) where you can send your name, email address and rewards card number to  start getting more Weigel’s coupons. *Note- Sorry for any confusion, but some of you have been leaving comments with your information- it needs to go to the above email address. Do NOT  leave your information in the comments section.

If  you are not a member and the stores are conveniently located for you, stop by and sign up.

While we’re on the subject, if anyone has any other good ideas on saving on milk leave a comment and share.