Generic Vs. Name Brand: What Do You Think?

I read  a comment today on my Food Lion post about buying store brand brownie mix. It made me think about the generic vs name brand debate. Which one is better , which saves you more? If you are not using coupons generic brands can save you a lot of money.  If you are clipping coupons then I would say at least half of the time you can get name brand products cheaper than generic.

As a general rule buy generic unless I can get a better price on name brand with a sale and coupon. I tend to like Target’s store brand more than others (their cleaning supplies and diapers).

Looking through my pantry here are the things I often buy generic:

Baking soda (especially for cleaning)
Pretzels & Tortilla Chips
Beans (black, kidney, garbanzo etc)
Soups (usually cream soups for use in casseroles)
Window cleaner
Aluminum foil

Here are the things I do not buy generic (mainly because I do not like the taste):
Macaroni & Cheese (it is Kraft or Annie’s in this house)
Canned Tomatoes for tomato sauce (I like Muir Glen)
Lunch meat
Pasta (that is because I get so much for free!)
Ranch Dressing (generic just never tastes quite right)
Toothpaste (again because I have not paid for toothpaste in about 2 years.)

What is your take on generic brands vs brand name? Do you have things you are willing to pay more for? Do you have favorite store brand products (like Food Lion brownie mix)?