Dollar Stores:What to Buy, What Not to Buy

I saw an interesting article recently from Shop Smart Magazine.  It was all about what to buy and what not to buy from dollar stores like Dollar Tree. The authors shopped at dollar stores, supermarkets, WalMart, Target, Walgreens & CVS, then compared prices. Because you cannot use coupons at most dollar stores they did not consider coupon prices.

Dollar Store Buys
Aluminum Foil
Gift Wrap
Cotton Rounds

Dollar Store Ties(These were compared per unit price.)
Birthday Candle
Foam Plates
Plastic Cups

Dollar Store Do NOT Buy
(They gave their reasons after each product. Some were expiration dates, ingredients, lead.)
Tissue Paper (for gifts. It was way cheaper at Walmart)
Electrical products
Batteries (the ones they bought leaked)

Guess what store was the most expensive – CVS! That is right CVS was 3 times as expensive as all the others. (Again this was done without coupons)

I am interested to hear you thoughts on the article. Do you shop at dollar stores? What do you think are good dollar store buys?