Groupon *HOT* $50 of Household Goods & Groceries for $25 Shipped!

After the Christmas tree deal this could quite possibly be my favorite Groupon so far.

The Lexington deal today is $50 worth of delivered groceries and household goods from for $25. To make it even better, shipping is included in this offer. sells everyday essentials from soap, medicine, moisturizer, household cleaners, non-perishable groceries etc.

**If you wanted to you could use this to buy $50 worth of select Proctor & Gamble products and send in for the $20 Olay/Procter & Gamble rebate. You would end up paying just $5 for $50 worth of products shipped right to your door. Now that is a deal!

To get in on this great deal:

1Go Here To Set Up a Groupon Account

If you already have a Groupon account Sign into your Groupon Account here.

2. Select Lexington under “More Citites” at the top of the page.

3. Buy your deal. (There is a limit of one per customer plus one as a gift.)

On 12/2 start shopping for you great deals.


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