Why I Will Not Be at the Knoxville Coupon Fair

For weeks I have been encouraging you to attend The Second Annual Knoxville Coupon Fair. It is Saturday, February 26th from 9am-12 noon at Faith United Methodist Church in Knoxville.

I still encourage you to go, there will be lots of information and resources for you to check out. Unfortunately, I will not be there to say hello.

Last week I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The next few weeks will be full of doctor appointments, planning and beginning treatment.  In order to spend some more time with my family before that all starts I will not be at the coupon fair.

With that news I wanted to share an email THE HUSBAND sent out so you will know how we are doing:

For those of you that may read this email and your heart sinks for Katie, please know that she is doing well. Better than well. You see having MS is pretty good training for stuff like this. The Lord has been kind enough to us to train us for this sort of thing. We have learned that good health is something we take for granted and when it is stripped from you, although it hurts at first, you realize…that your hope doesn’t rest on your health. You realize that your health wasn’t nailed to a cross and murdered.

Christ was. So we don’t set our hope on feeling good or comfortable. the Lord has been so kind to us to show us that there is no need in striving for things of this world. Our hope lies in Heaven and the pain free life we will live in the glory of His presence.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish these trials on anyone and I wish the Lord would put this on me instead of my wife, but the Lord is kind to allow us to suffer such things…the air is sweeter and the light is brighter in dark places. I hope that you may know the peace that we do.

Anyway, practically…you can pray for Katie’s anxiety and her fight against that…not about the cancer, we’re ok about that…she is not looking forward to the IV. You would think that a girl that has to take a shot everyday would be used to needles by now…but nope. So just pray for her anxiety about the procedure and surgery.

you can pray for me and that the Lord will help me serve my wife and family. You can pray that I can be more efficient in my work so that I can be at home to care for my family and that I can get by with less sleep for a time.


  1. The Husband – Make sure you wake Katie every 2 – 3 hours to drink something/have a lemon drop if she has an Iodine uptake. Even if you must use force. It will, in the long run, be a wonderful way to serve your wife during this time.

  2. I know we dont know each other personally however I find that as a sister in Christ I can pray for you and your family and for strength through this trying and difficult time. I pray that the Lord will give you peace and strength as each day passes. Many prayers for you all !! April 🙂

  3. I will be praying for Katie and the entire family. May God give you guys the strength to get through all of this. I will ask others to pray as well. Nothing works better than prayer!

  4. Transcriptiongal says:

    I dont know why times like this bring to mind this picture I used to see hanging on my mom’s wall as a child. It was this kitten hanging off from a tree branch, just about to fall and the caption was, “Hang In There Baby.” Thats all we can do, hang in there and pray for the strength to continue doing just that. Know that you are your family will be in my prayers and thoughts. Just think about the good things and focus on that, I know you are strong and you have an excellent support team. You will get through this and have something to talk about for later blogs…..your survival. Hang In There Baby…..

  5. you are in my prayers Katie!

  6. Heartzsong says:

    For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you, not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future..

    Shalom aleichem (peace to you). I pray the peace of G-d will surround you and your family. That the shalom, the complete rest that can be found in Him will rest and reside within your heart. That the waves surrounding you will not overwhelm you, but that you will rise above them and take Him by the hand.

    I have been through a lot in the past few months, and I find it hard to see where G-d is in all of my problems. But I trust that like the air, He is there even when I can’t feel or hear or see Him. One day the wind will blow and there will be no doubt in your mind. You are in my prayers.

    When depression or doubt tries to set in, remember to praise Him for all your blesses no matter how small for He resides in the praises of His people, and He will be there for you through everything.

    God bless you and yours…..your sister in the L-rd, chavah

  7. Will be praying for you.

  8. Praying for you and those whom love you.

  9. Praying for you and those whom love you.

  10. I personally thank both of you for being such an unbelievable spectators. I pray that God will always be with you.


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