Vodka:The Best Household Cleaner I Did Not Know About

I was talking to a friend yesterday, I do not remember how cleaning came up, but somehow it did. She told me she cleans almost everything in her home with Vodka. What?!?

Yep, Vodka.

She has a slight allergy to most cleaning products so she looked around for an alternative cleaning product. She went on to tell me the numerous uses for her half water, half vodka cleaning solution. (Some places recommend one part vodka, two part water.)

I decided to do some research and it seems she is not at all alone.

A spray bottle of vodka and water can:

Clean counter tops and tables

Disinfect, Killing odor causing bacteria

Clean glass and mirrors

Shine chrome  and clean bathroom tile and bathtubs

Clean mold and mildew-let it sit for 15 minutes then scrub with a toothbrush if needed

Freshen clothes or fabrics– spray on then let it air dry. The “alcohol smell” disappers and you fabrics smell fresh and clean.

Remove sticky residue– from price tags or stickers. I wounder if it can get the last of some silly puddy out of the lining of my favorite purse.

Undiluted-makes a great stain remover-think no more grass stains

Cleans jewelry

Kills ants and bugs

Cleans Eyeglasses

As far as being cost effective everything says to buy the cheapest vodka you can find. (I confess an ignorance here on the cost of cheap vodka.)  I have been told you can buy a large bottle for about $6-diluted that makes a lot of cleaner!

I texted THE HUSBAND and asked him to pick some up on this way home this evening. I’ll let you know what I think.

Have you ever heard of or tried cleaning with vodka? Do you know of any uses I am missing?