Blockbuster:Unlimited Free Rentals

If you are planning on watching a few movies in the next month this may be the best deal for you. Blockbuster stores are offering unlimited free rentals.

From their site:

We’re celebrating our new prices and massive stockpile of new releases with a new deal: unlimited free rentals at your Blockbuster store!

Just rent one of our newest releases for $2.99 and enjoy unlimited movies priced $1.99 or less for FREE through July 4 (1-day rentals, 1 at a time).

Thanks, Bill


  1. I think it’s great that Blockbuster is having so many deals
    with their prices. I know that lowering their prices will help them out a lot.
    They are offering single day pricing that lets customers decide how long they
    want to keep their movie. Just released movies will be priced at only $2.99 for
    the first day, while other new releases will be priced at $1.99 for the first
    day. Additional rental days for all movies are priced at only 99 cents per day.
    Working for DISH Network I can tell you they are offering Blockbuster online
    free for 3 months to new customers. That is an awesome deal too. Check it out
    on this link I know with
    these deals they will come back.

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