Salsarita's: $15 Voucher for $7.50

I love this Half Off Depot deal. It is one of those places our whole family agrees on. In fact,  if you ask my children what they want for dinner they will say either Chick-fil-A or Salsarita’s.

Today you can get a $15 in food and beverages at Salsarita’s for only $7.50. This voucher is good at all seven Salsarita’s locations.

A limit of three may be purchased through Half Off Depot. A gift certificate will be mailed to you in 2–3 business days. Home printing is not currently available for this item.



  1. I used promo code GOENJOYKNOXVILLE and saved an additional 10% off.  Worked for me!!!

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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