Homemade Halloween Costumes…

Halloween is almost here when I saw this link come through my email I thought I would share. has complied 75 homemade toddler Halloween costumes. Some of them are way,way beyond my craft level but there are a few I could probably handle. If you are looking for some inspiration you  might want to check them out.

If you have older children you can look through 35 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids.  There  are  some cute and creative ideas. A few(like static electricity)are very frugal and could be made with stuff you already have around the house.

What are you planning this year? Are you buying a costume or making them?


  1. For those with little time, my daughter received rave reviews (and 2nd prize at her homeschool coop) for the pig in a blanket costume featured in Parenting magazine last year.  It is too easy, esp. if you already have a pink sweatsuit or outfit.  We made ears from construction paper taped to a headband and she made a construction paper nose taped with yarn for ties.  

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