Requesting Free Samples:Tips for Avoiding Unwanted Email & Phone Calls

I recently received an email from a reader who was telling me issues she had encountered when she recently requested a free sample.  She ended by saying

“I feel you need to warn your readers of some of the pitfalls set when you provide information to receive a free sample.”

I am very selective in the free samples I chose to post. I do not post anything I do not first request. Still, I thought some tips on protecting your information/inbox was a good idea.

When manufacturers offer free samples they are doing it for a few reasons:

  • They want you to like their product, recognize its packaging in the store and buy it.
  • They are trying to build a brand loyalty.
  • They want your demographic and contact information.

What you have decide is how much information you are willing to give to receive the freebie. Here are a few tips on how to avoid unwanted emails and phone calls and still get free samples.

1. If you phone number is not required do not provide it. If it is required I do not request it, telemarketing calls are not worth it.

2. Set up a free email account (gmail, yahoo etc) and use it to request free samples and coupons. This will keep your inbox free from advertisements and junk email.

3. Do not offer any information that is not required. If a field is not required leave it blank. (eg. kids ages, your income, phone #’s)

4.Some junk mail is unavoidable if you request free samples. A quick way to sort that mail is use your initial as your first name. That way when you are looking through your mail you can easily spot and recycle junk mail.

5. If you are using Facebook read my Protect Your Information on Facebook & Still Get Coupons & Freebies

Does anyone else have any advice or tips on avoiding an overload of junk mail and still getting lots of great free samples?

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