We are Home!

We are home!

Our Seattle trip to celebrate THE HUSBAND’s grandfather’s 80th birthday was a fantastic. It gave us a chance to visit (and for me to meet) family and to relax. There was also a little time to fit in fun “touristy” things. We visited Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, The Pacific Science Center and Friday Harbor.

Thanks to everyone for your flying with small kids suggestions, much to the relief of the entire plane the 5 1/2 hour flight went well!

I did realize a few things-

  • A break from blogging/work is good every once in a while. I miss blogging and all my readers when I am gone for awhile.
  • After living in a hotel for a week I miss my own bed and am ready to be home. When I am not living in a hotel I miss having a maid.  :0)
  • Family is a gift. The memories we made with our own small family and the time we spent celebrating our large extended family is priceless.


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