Food City Midnight Madness Sale 4pm-Midnight (10/27 Only)

Food City Midnight Madness sale is going on tonight (10/27). They are offering half off of several items. It is happening tonight from 4pm-midnight.

Armour Chili Beans-$.59 (Limit 12)

Food City Premium Saltines (16oz)-$.99 (Limit 4)

Oscar Mayer Wieners-$1.24 ea (Limit 6)

Sara Lee Bread-4 for $5 (Limit 4)

Pillsbury Biscuit (4 pack)-$1.39 each (Limit 4)

Minute Maid Orange Jucie (59oz)-$1.49 (Limit 4)

Kangaroo Pita Chips (9oz)-$1.49

Food City Boneless Chicken Breasts-$1.49/lb

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes -$1.59 (Limit 4)

Banquet Family Size Entrees-$1.64 (Limit 4)

Sweet Onions (3lbs)-$1.99

Tombstone Pizza (12in)-5 for $10 (Limit 5)

Red Delicious Apples (3lbs)-$2.29

Honey Nut Cheerios (17oz)-$2.37 (Limit 4)

Food City Premium Ice Cream (48oz)-$2.64 (Limit 4)

Food City Supreme Softness Bath Tissue (12 double rolls)-$4.99 (Limit 4)

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