Coupon Katie Fox 43 Morning Show: Get Your Coupons Organized for 2012

The new year is around the corner and among other things that is a great time to get your coupons organized.  Several coupons will expire at the end of December so this is the easiest time to clean out your expired coupons or get started couponing! Here the three easy ways to organize your coupons I shared this monring on Fox 43 Morning show.

1.Envelope System-

This system is great for beginners. Label several envelopes with your coupon categories, store these in a box or basket. You can have as many or as few categories as you would like. Arrange them alphabetically. Each Sunday clip your coupons and put them in the correct envelope.

2. Coupon Binder

You will need a three ring binder (preferably with a zipper) and either baseball card protector sheets or photo sheet with three pockets. Label each pocket with your categories. Each Sunday clip your coupons and put them in the correct pocket. This system makes it very easy to take your coupons with you and to get in on good clearance deals while shopping. You will be able to easily find any coupon you need. This is also the most time consuming way to organize your coupons.

3. Accordion File Folder

This requires a large accordion file folder that can be found at an office or school supply store. Each Sunday take the inserts you receive and write the date in large number on the front of the insert, keeping it all together. Place that weeks insert in your folder. As you collect more inserts start replacing the oldest insert with your most current insert. Most of the coupons in the oldest insert will be expired, clip the few that are still valid. This is the quickest way to organize your coupons. When making your shopping lists just look at the coupon match ups for your store and it will tell you what insert to find your coupon in. If you need a coupon for a product not in the match up look at the Coupon Katie database. The database will list all possible coupons and the insert they are in.


  1. Here’s yet another solution I use from Glow Girl Fibers, a mom entrepreneur: The “mega large” size holds 1000+ coupons. I’ve been very pleased with mine for nearly two years now.

  2. And if you use the accordion file system, you can use these two options to remove the expired ones;

    Check an individual insert to see when it expires: all inserts that expired in the last two months: 

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