Bop-It! Smash Review and Giveaway!

We have been playing a Bop It! Smash around the house for the last two weeks. Let me just warn your before you enter to win one or buy one, you just might get addicted. :0)

Bop It! Smash tests your skill and competitive nature as you attempt to trap and play with light.  This fast action, reaction skill game asks players to trap a rapidly moving light in the center of the game by quickly smashing the ends of the game together. The closer the light is to the center, the more points you score.

You “smash” the two sides together to try an stop the light in the middle of the toy. Anytime you fail to do so, no points are earned and the player looses a “life”. You start with 3 lives once you miss three times your game is over. However, every time a player stops the light in the absolute center, another “life” is awarded (maximum of 3 lives total.)

There are three different ways to play- solo, Pass it or multi-player.

Here is what I like about the game:

  • It’s fun. I knew the boys would love it but I was actually surprised how much THE HUSBAND and I enjoyed it too. It actually has been pretty competitive around here for the last couple weeks. THE HUSBAND currently holds the high score on solo play, but I am confident I will take back the lead soon.
  • It is easy to start and play so the boys can play it without any help.
  • It is easy to take on the go. There are no small pieces or parts to remember/lose. It is easy to grab and easy to share in the car.
  • The volume controls- the sound actually turns down very low  so when we do take it with us in the car it isn’t so loud that it annoys everyone who is not playing!
  • If you don’t play it for about 30 seconds it turns itself off. (Perfect. My boys always forget to turn things off and we are constantly charging batteries around here!)

Do you want to win your own Bop It! Smash?

How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment telling us your family’s favorite game to play together.

Additional Entry:

1.Watch the Coupon Katie Facebook Page. When you see a status mentioning this Bop It! Smash giveaway Click “Share” to share that status update with your Facebook friends.

That is a total of 2 entries per person/Facebook account.  This giveaway will end Wednesday June 13 at 12 noon EST. One winner (you must reside in the US) will be chosen at random to win the Coupon Katie Star Bop It! Smash Giveaway.

A big thank you to Hasbro for providing a Bop It! Smash for me to review as well as one for the lucky giveaway winner. All opinions about these toys are mine and have not been influenced by Hasbro or any other party.


  1. Amy Bennett says:

    We like to play Perfection….would love to own Bop-it!

  2. Elizabeth Blanton says:

    Hungry Hungry Hippos

  3. This is great!

  4. Carrie hood says:

    My family likes to play Headbands, or Apples to Apples. We get a lot of laughs out of what everyone guesses or the cards used to describe something. We have at least one family game night a week, choosing different games each time! This game looks like fun!

  5. Rachel Ward says:

    We love to play Just Dance on the Wii. In fact my 3 and 1 year old are addicted to it;)

  6. Ginger F. says:

    Our favorite game to play together is RISK.

  7. Ginger F. says:

    I shared your facebook post about Bop it!!

  8. nicole w says:

    we love playin twister

  9. We love to play Euchre!

  10. Crystal McCulley says:

    Our favorite family game is Monoply. We use it to teach the kids counting and the value of money.

  11. THOMAS HAWKINS says:

    My family likes to play Farkel together

  12. THOMAS HAWKINS says:

    I shared facebook postabout Bop it

  13. Lately, our favorite family game is LIFE. Wewouldlove to try this one out!

  14. Melissa says:

    Our favorite game to play currently is Mousetrap!

  15. Melissa says:

    I shared your FB post on my wall!

  16. tonya thomas says:

    I shared on FB! This would be awsome for our Girl cout Troop to play..

  17. we play most of our games on tablets now, ponon, etc, only board game when we get together is settlers of cataan. Is there an electonic version of this, if not, there will be soon I am sure.

  18. Honey Smith says:

    We must be geeks because we like Scrabble:)

  19. Kelly Wright says:

    We play Mario Kart!

  20. Allison Snoderly says:

    My family loves Candyland

  21. we love to play twister or battleship
    tcogbill at live dot com

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