Canvas People: 50% off Any-Size Canvas + Free Shipping (And My Valentine’s Day Gift)

Canvas People is offering 50% off Any Size Canvas and Free Shipping!  I love this deal for a few reasons. First, I love the one canvas photo I already have. Second shipping can get kind of pricey so free shipping is a major plus.

I am not usually huge on Valentine’s Day gifts, but this year THE HUSBAND has a great idea. I have been wanting him to paint a small wall as with chalk board paint and build me a little ledge for chalk. Today he agreed and had the brilliant idea of ordering 4 smaller canvas prints (one of each boy) to line up at the top of the wall. That way we could write their chores or messages or school work under their picture!  It will be an easy way to know what lists are for them.

Enter 50% off canvas prints from Canvas People! Perfect timing. Here is what the wall looks like now. As you can see the boys have already written on it, so we might as well make it a chalkboard wall. 🙂  I’ll post pictures once it is done!



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