Free Starbucks Carmel or Hazelnut Macchiato Coupon


I know several of you had issue redeeming this coupon. This was initially strange to me because it was hosted on which is a very reputable coupon site. This is the response I got to my initial email:

We are sorry to hear you have had issues with coupon redemption. We have contacted Starbucks and they have validated this promotion. Baristas should accept the coupon so long as the discount code is included. Please try to redeem the coupon at a later time.

O.K. sounded good to me. However, the issues did not seem to be resolved. There was obviously a miscommunication somewhere along the line. Coupons do not just appear on, companies pay to have them there. I am not sure if the response was so overwhelming Starbucks changed their minds or if details were not included on the the coupon. Either way, sorry for the confusion everyone. Coupon Katie is committed to only posting legitimate coupons and is a well respected legitimate site, this coupon seems to be an exception….


Who doesn’t want a free Starbucks Carmel Machhiato?! Go here and then click on “Coupon Codes” at the top of the page. It will bring up the coupon pictured above. Then just click Print Coupon, and  free Starbucks is yours!


  1. The Cedar Bluff Starbucks is not accepting this because they said it has to be the original flyer that they passed out.

  2. Same thing with Kroger location @ Northshore.

  3. I work at Starbucks and we aren’t accepting this at our location in Vancouver either!

  4. I used this coupon yesterday at the Starbucks in the Northshore Target and had no problems!

  5. Tish Neilson says:

    I used it last week at the Kroger location on Middlebrook/Cedar Bluff and there was no issue and they usually don’t honor the B1G1 promotions so I was ready for them to say no but they took it right away no problem.

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