Educents: Free Homeschooling & Loving It Book

For a limited time, Educents is offering the Homeschooling & Loving It book for free ($14.95 value)!

This practical, hands-on guide gives readers everything they need to create a customized education plan that works with children’s unique intelligence and learning style. Whether you are a homeschooler or a parent who wants to help supplement your children’s private or public school education, many can benefit from the techniques offered in this book!

  • Make sure that your child is at or above grade level
  • Organize your time between homeschooling, chores, work, etc
  • Keep yourself and your child motivated all year long
  • Give your child a complete education without breaking the bank and without homeschooling 8-10 hours a day.
  • Homeschool different age children at the same time (even with a baby or toddler in the house!), AND…
  • Prepare your high schooler to get into their choice college

Educents also has several other educational deals going on so browse through those but be sure to grab Homeschooling & Loving it for Free!

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