Kroger Double Fuel Points on Weekends Thru 6/30

Kroger is offering 2X Fuel Points Friday-Sunday. You can download the Kroger fuel savings digital coupon to your Kroger card and you will automatically earn double fuel points on all your grocery purchases all weekend long. You only need to download the digital coupon once for savings throughout the whole month.

Excludes Pharmacy and Gift Cards. Limited time only. Additional restrictions apply. Offer valid for weekend shopping thru 6/30.


*This worked fine for me, but some people have reported problems loading the coupon. Try signing in and out if that happens to you. If you absolutely cannot get it to download your Kroger ad in the 5/26 paper will have a paper coupon good for 5/31-6/2, or you can call 1-866-221-4141.

Kroger customers who use their Kroger Plus card when shopping  get 100 points for each $100 worth of purchases. Once you 100 points, your Kroger  card can be used at participating Shell stations to get $.10 off a gallon for one fill-up. You can get $.30 off  a gallon after buying $300 in groceries and $1 off per gallon after spending $1000.

Here is how it works:

The read-out on a gas pump will ask if you want to use a Kroger fuel-rewards card. If you chose “Yes,” then your full-size Kroger Plus rewards card can be inserted into the station’s credit-card reader to activate the discount, which is subtracted immediately at the pump. If  you only have the  small keychain card with you  then your customer number can be keyed in at the pump and the discount will be taken.


  1. Could not load card, stayed on hold for 30 minutes. Wassup with this?
    I’m a long-time Kroger customer!!!

  2. Rebecca Simmers says:

    we had a total of 475 gas points we only need 25 to get 50 cent off per gallon. We just got enough to make that happen. When the groceries rang up it came out that we only had 75 gas points,

    what kind of a deal is this????? I have been shopping at Krogers for over 50 years.

    last week after we got our groceries, we had 475 points. We just got grocries this week and spent
    enough that is made us to get 500 plus points when the bill was ring up we ended up with 75 gas points!!! This is not right ..

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