Kroger Ends Double Coupons in Central Region & Buys Harris Teeter


Kroger just announced that it will be ending double coupons in the Central Division, which includes Indiana and Illinois, as well as a few stores in Missouri, Michigan and Ohio.  Kroger will end double coupons  there  July 31st.  Coupons in the News has all the info here.

That makes five Kroger regions (Southwest/Texas, Delta, Mid-Atlantic, Central & Cinncinati)  that have seen an end to double coupons. I have a feeling the Atalanta and Mid South regions are not far behind.


Kroger also surprisingly announced today that they are in the process of buying North Carolina-based Harris Teeter. The $2.4 billion deal means all 212 Harris Teeter stores will be part of the Kroger family. According to all the news stories I’ve seen the plan is to run Harris Teeter as a Kroger Affiliate but still under the Harris Teeter brand name.

Hoping so for all our Nashville friends, Harris Teeter does some great double and triple coupon sales- at least for now….

So, what do you think? Will you stop shopping at Kroger without double coupons?

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