Easy Minecraft Birthday Cake & Party Ideas


My middle child is turning 5.  Because Minecraft is all the rage around my house he wanted a Minecraft party.

Because I have a seven week old I am tired and did not do a lot of planning ahead.

Somewhat last minute I starting searching Pinterest for a cake idea all things Minecraft party. I was  totally impressed and completely overwhelmed by the cakes I found. They had fondant and cake spray paint and so much more.

I would love to one day take cake decorating classes,  but as that has not happened yet I was looking for easy. Like really easy.  It just didn’t seem to exist. So, I chose the easiest Minecraft character I could think of and went with it.

The Cake

Here is my Creeper Cake.

Bake your caked in a 16x9in pan, cut it in half and cover with green icing.

For the face I used a Hershey bar. It only takes one. Four squares for each of the eyes, one for the “nose”, six for the mouth and a half a square for the bottom of the mouth. Done.  My 5 year old will love it.


For the Minecraft decorations I used free printables from Catch My Party.  The banner was so cute.

Minecraft-party-printableHere is how we used some of them:




Carrots-Carrots 🙂

Diamonds- Blueberries (I didn’t think ahead, blue ring pops would have been great for this)

Gold Bars- Pineapple

TNT- Red twizzlers wrapped with TNT  printable from here

Cookies- Mini chips ahoy cookies

Redstone- Red raspberries

Coal-Dark chocolate covered raisins

I also wrapped  TNT & Creeper printable from here  around some party poppers.

And there you have it – an easy Minecraft birthday party!


What are your best homemade cakes/ideas!?  Here are a few more of my humble attempts.  They are not even close to perfect but I love the idea of always making my boys their favorite cakes. 🙂

In my career as a mom I have tried Elmo cupcakes

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 1.39.50 PM

I have tried a LEGO cake

Lego-cake2Paw Patrol cakes


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