10 Christmas Gift Ideas That Kids Will Play With For Years

 Do you have any Christmas gift ideas for kids this year? I don’t really want to buy anything trendy that they won’t play with in a few months. I want to buy a few things that will last and keep their interest.  –Ann

I thought this was a great question, mainly because I’m struggling with gift ideas this year too!  I thought through the gifts we have given and received over the last few years. When I think about all the toys we don’t play with it makes me realize how much I need to have a yard sale this spring. But, there are also a few that have brought years of fun.   Here is  a list of gifts we have enjoyed for years and I would buy again.

PLEASE comment and share your best lasting gift ideas!


Number 1 has to be the Little Tikes Jump and Slide Bouncer (on sale $188).  My mom kept asking me for gift ideas last year. I just kept thinking we have no more room for toys! Even if she got each boy three things that is 12 more toys I would have to find a home for. So, I went with a combined gift- the  Little Tikes Jump and Slide Bouncer.

Y’all this has been a one of my favorite gifts ever!  It sets up easily in our play room and the boys bounce in it all the time!  Lots of energy on rainy or snowy days- go bounce. Too hot outside but need to wrestle and be crazy- go bounce. Don’t judge me but I have been known to set a timer and not let them come out of the bouncy until it goes off. 🙂 Here is a short video of the craziness.

This comes with the blower and stakes to keep it from flying away if you want to use it outside too.


2. PlasmaCar

We actually have three of these, and we have had them for years. We love our PlasmaCars. I have to settle a whose turn is it on the PlasmaCars scuffle at least once every few days. Maybe a fourth should be on my list this year, but we only have so much garage space. 🙂

This video is from two years ago when I still let them ride their PlasmaCars in the house.

As a side note, we got our 5 year old a Mini Micro Scooter last year and all the boys love that too.


3. Benny the Bull Bouncy Horse

We have this and a dinosaur made by the same company. I am pretty sure there was a group buying site deal for them when I got them. My boys love them. Benny comes with his own little pump and is thick and durable. These bouncy horses have been raced, punched, lassoed, thrown and jumped on by 4 boys for about three years and look very much like when I bought them.



4. Adventures in Odyssey Audio CDs

Lest you think all we do is bounce around the house. 🙂  Someone gave us some Adventures in Odysey  CD’s over a year ago and they became an instant favorite.   We have a couple in the car for longer trips but my favorite way to use them has been at night.  A couple of my guys have a hard time falling asleep at night. On those nights we turn on a CD, low enough that they have to be really quiet to hear it, and it seems to really help. (We also do this with the Jesus Storybook Bible CDs)

5. Board Games

The classics have started to make a come back at our house. Uno, Connect FourSorry  and Spot It are all the rage at our house.


6. Melissa & Doug Magic Set- If you stop by our house it is highly likely you will be treated to a magic show by the older two boys.

7. Little Tikes Slide-  – this is a staple in the playroom too. It is a slide, a ladder, a jumping off point and part of most of the forts they boys make.


8. Play Tent– The play tent and tunnel has been the source of many adventures. 🙂

9. Play Food– Believe it or not all my boys have loved playing with play food.  Melissa & Doug Food is my favorite.

10. Books– All The Pigeon books, The Day the Crayons Quit, Magic Tree House,  and Mad Libs just to name a few.  Of course McKay’s is my favorite place to get books on a budget!

Of course, Legos and art supplies make should make this list too.

** I should also add one of my favorite ideas for gifts aren’t toys at all. It’s experiences.  One of my sisters gets the boys (our family) a Knoxville Zoo pass, one gets a season pass to The Muse of Knoxville. We have also gotten Dollywood season passes as gifts. I LOVE this.  These kind of gifts allow are family to have so much fun and make some special memories! Not to mention they don’t clutter the house and they don’t require batteries. 🙂

You could also do just one day passes to some fun places around town. (Great for stocking stuffers.) Sites like   (who right now has 50% off a family to to The Muse of Knoxville) are a great way to save on these kind of gifts! You should also check out (they offer a lot of deals and often run extra % off deals!) Right now they have Adventure Rainforest Zoo passes for $3!


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