Coupon Katie's Best Deals of the Week-Fox 43 Morning Show 7/5/11

Here are the deals I share this morning with Moira Kaye on the Fox 43 Morning Show.


Papermate Crystal pens (10-pack)-$1.02
-$1/1 Papermate Writing Utensil Item, TARGET coupon
Final cost=$0.02 after coupon

Scotch Magic Gem Tape-$1.79
-$0.50/1Scotch Magic Tape Item, TARGET coupon
Stack with $1/1 Scotch tape printable coupon
Final cost=$.29 after coupons

Bic Crystal Easy Glide Pens (10-count)-$0.99
Buy 2
$1/2 Bic Writing Utensil Items, TARGET coupon
Final cost=$.49 per package after coupons

Sharpie Super Twin Tip Permanent Marker (1 count)-$1.84

-$1/1 Target store coupon found here
Final cost=$0.84 after coupons

Mead Notebook-$.50 (Keep your eye out for the one’s with $6 in Mead and Scotch coupons inside)


Top Flight Spiral Notebooks (1 Subject)-$.15

Crayola Crayons (24 pack)-$0.25

One Subject Composition Books (100 sheets)-$.50

Kroger Large Eggs (12ct)-$.99


Oral B Indicator Toothbrush–$1
Buy 2
-$2/2 coupon from the 7/3 PG
Final cost= both free after coupon

Ajax Cleanser (14oz)- 3 for $1 w/ in-ad coupon
Final cost=$.33 each

Large Dozen Eggs-$.99

Arm & Hammer 2X Laundry Detergent (25-32 loads)-$2.99
$1/2 Arm & Hammer printable coupon
Final cost=$2.49 each

Free Stuff

Procter & Gamble $35 coupon booklet

Panera-Free Pastry when you sign up for or register your MyPanera card.

McDonald’s Buy One, Get One Free Frappes, Strawberry Lemonade or Fruit Smoothie coupon

Arby’s Buy One Get One Free Jamocha Oreo  Shake coupon

If you are new to couponing here are a few resources on my site that will help you make sense of it all.
Walgreens Store Guide
CVS Store Guide

Target Shipping Tips
Couponese-The Language of the Coupon World
Coupon Ethics

Our $0.14 Mom-Son Date Night

Just a glimpse into daily life around here:
THE HUSBAND took our middle son on a “date” last night so I decided to take the oldest and the youngest on a Mom-Son Date.
We went to Chick-fil-A where we shared my first ever Cookies and Cream milkshake. (Really can’t believe no one told me how good those are!) We used a coupon from our Chick-fil-A calendar so it was free.

Then we stopped by Target and I let him pick out two Hot Wheels cars. They were $1.07 each and I used two $1/1 Hot Wheels Target coupons. It only took $.14 to be a “really fun mom”.

Then we came home a took a  walk around the park to offset the milkshake.  That was our frugal $.14 date. I loved some time to just sit and talk and find out what goes on in the mind and heart of my five year old.

Where Are You Watching Fireworks?

Where are you planning to watch Fireworks this weekend?  I considered getting a list of all together of all the local happenings,then I found a list on That makes things much easier.

Ali put together a great list of all the great opportunities to check out fireworks this holiday weekend. Some start tomorrow.Check them out if you still don’t have plans!

Coupon Katie on WBIR Your Stories

For all of you who do not yet follow Coupon Katie on Facebook or Twitter you may not have heard that Coupon Katie was featured tonight on WBIR’s Your Stories.

Last week Abby Ham came over to chat about the blog, how it got started and what really goes on behind the scenes. You will get to see what a total mess our play room is!

It was really fun to have her here. Abby is just as friendly and warm in person as she seems on camera. The boys loved her. In fact, the five year old asked if she already had a husband.  ha ha.

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for reading Coupon Katie. I am very humbled and encouraged by all my great readers.

Coupon Katie's Best Deals of the Week-Fox 43 Morning Show 6/28

Here are the deals I share this morning with Moira Kaye on the Fox 43 Morning Show.


Rayovac Alkaline Batteries-$1
-$1/1 Rayovac Alkaline Batteries
Final cost = Free

Hunt’s Ketchup-$1
$0.25/1 Hunt’s All Natural Ketchup (try zip 77477 if you do not see it)
Final cost=$.50

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce-$1.98 on sale Buy One Get One Free ($.99ea)
-$1/2 from the 5/22 SmartSource insert
Final cost=$.50 each

Earthbound Organic Baby Carrots-$1.50


Country Time Lemonade Canister-$.99
$1/1 Kroger Ecoupon
Final cost=Free

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits (8ct)-$.99
-$.30/2 Pilsbury coupon from the 4/17 SmartSource insert
Final cost=$.64 ea

Oscar Mayer Wieners (16oz)-$1.49
$1/2 Oscar Mayer printable coupon
Final cost=$.99 each

Dial Body Wash-$2.99
-$2/1 Dial coupon from the 6/12 Red Plum insert
Final cost=$0.99

Food City

Smucker’s Toppings (11.75-12.25oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free-$1.19 ea
-$1/2 from the 5/15 Red Plum insert
Final cost=$.68 each

Wholly Salsa (15 oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free $1.99
$1/1 Wholly Salsa printable coupon or $1/1 printable (Facebook)
Final cost=$.99

Kraft Cool Whip-$.99

Ball Park Meat Franks (16oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free, $1.74
-$.75/2 from the 6/5 Red Plum
Final cost=$1.36

Free Stuff

Free 2 year subscription to LEGO Club Magazine

Free $2 MP3 credit at

If you are new to couponing here are a few resources on my site that will help you make sense of it all.
Walgreens Store Guide
CVS Store Guide

Target Shipping Tips
Couponese-The Language of the Coupon World
Coupon Ethic

Thank You for My $2.36 Gas Kroger Fuel Rewards Points

I am a loyal fan of the Kroger Fuel Rewards program.  Tonight I filled up the van with $2.36/gallon gas.

Last week I used a 200 extra points coupon that I received in the mail when I did my Kroger shopping. I am not sure exactly how it worked out but I ended up getting nearly 700 points and spent around $75 after coupons.

Today those points combined with others I had and I got $1 off per gallon of gas!

Kroger customers who use their Kroger Plus card when shopping  get 100 points for each $100 worth of purchases. Once you 100 points, your Kroger  card can be used at participating Shell stations to get $.10 off a gallon for one fill-up. You can get $.30 off  a gallon after buying $300 in groceries and $1 off per gallon after spending $1000.

Here is how it works:

The read-out on a gas pump will ask if you want to use a Kroger fuel-rewards card. If you chose “Yes,” then your full-size Kroger Plus rewards card can be inserted into the station’s credit-card reader to activate the discount, which is subtracted immediately at the pump. If  you only have the  small keychain card with you  then your customer number can be keyed in at the pump and the discount will be taken.

You can check out all the details for Knoxville area Shell stations promotion here. What a great way to save on gas!

Do use Kroger Fuel Rewards? Is it worth if for your family?

Is Dumpster Diving (for Coupons) Legal? Updated with an Answer from Knoxville

I received this question from a reader this morning.

Coupon Katie,

I have a question for you. Is it against the law here in Knoxville or all of Tennessee to dumpster dive? I was thinking of checking out some newspaper recycling dumpsters but, didn’t know if I would be breaking the law or not. I know it is illegal in some areas but, I can’t seem to find anything about Knoxville or Tennessee.

Truthfully I don’t know if there is a law or ordinance regarding dumpster diving in Knoxville or Tennessee. I looked around a little but haven’t found much information. In a few Knox county documents is does say to “ Keep dumpsters secure to prevent illegal dumping and scavenging.” I sent off a few emails and  I’ll update you when I get an answer.

My guess is it will probably depend on where the dumpster is located. If it is on private property (ie. property owned by a store) then it could be considered trespassing. There also might be a sanitation concern.

Anyone else have any ideas?

I sent an email to the Knoxville Solid Waste Project Manager. Here is his answer:

I am sorry, there are a number of reasons we do not allow individuals to go into the containers at the recycling centers.  First on my list is safety.  We do not want to see someone getting hurt reaching into the containers.  You could fall in and hurt or scrape yourself and or scrape yourself on the siding pulling something out.
Next is identity theft. Just because the sign says newspaper does not mean that folks will not throw in their personal materials in the news paper container instead of the mixed paper container. Users of the centers sometimes think that when they see others reaching in and pulling out materials from the containers that they are possibly looking for identification items. We do get calls like this. Thinking the use of materials they just placed in for recycling could be used for identity theft they could possibly confront you in a unfriendly manner and again your safety would be involved.
Third there is a ordinance prohibiting such things. All materials once placed into the containers becomes the property of the City. # O-451-00, § 1 Chapter 13, Section 13.18. No unauthorized person shall uncover, rifle, pilfer, dig into, turn over or in any other manner disturb or use any container or other solid waste or recycling receptacle including but not limited to cans, bins, dumpsters or similar type storage belonging to the city or any person, business or contractor. This section shall not be construed to prohibit the use of public antilitter cans for the deposit of refuse commonly recognized as litter.
If we let one or two persons go through the containers we would have to let all citizens go through them and we would loose control very quickly.  Some would want the material to take for recycling themselves such as the aluminum cans. Others like yourself have very commendable causes.  Some may take as much material as they can and discard unwanted items in the trash later while those residents bringing the materials to the centers do so thinking all will be recycled. Again it is a control item.

I would encourage you to check for any ordinances in you city/county.