Ibotta Rebates Paid For Our Camping Trip!!

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We have one particular camping trip that is a tradition for our family. We go every year. Same weekend, same place- tradition.

We usually have our reservations by now but for some reason we have been slackers this year. Looking at the calendar last month we agreed we had to make reservations or we would miss our trip.

Then, some very unexpected and crazy expensive issues came up with our house. The kind that wipes out your vacation and emergency funds. The kind that makes you super sad you have to spend all that money but also thankful that you have just enough to fix the problem.

There was nothing left over for our annual camping trip.  I was sad.   I started brainstorming creative ways to fund the trip, or at least make the reservation.

We keep a pretty close eye on budgets around here so I knew none of our accounts had “extra”.  Lucky for me Kroger had  several good Ibotta deals this week, and it gave me an idea.

I have been a member or Ibotta since it started.  It is by far my favorite cash back app.  I use it,  but I don’t check my balance that often. It is like a savings account I kind of forget about. 🙂

This week when I was redeeming offers I checked my balance. Guess what- just enough to cover our lodging for the camping trip!!!   You guys- just enough. How awesome is that?!

My frugal efforts will pay for our annual family camping trip. Not in an I saved enough so we can go way, but in a real, tangible transfer the money and pay for it kind of way.

It if FREE to sign up for Ibotta  , FREE to use it and it will provide a way for us to keep up our tradition! It will provide another year of fun family time and memories.

Sometimes I get discouraged with coupons and apps and deals. It takes time and effort and planning. In the busyness of five young kids there are days I don’t want to plan and make the effort. BUT then there are days like today, where that hard work pays off. And there will be days soon when we are camping that the little effort will be so, so worth it.

Be encouraged money saving mommas! Be encouraged to find the money saving ways that suit your life best and know that they are making a difference, even on the days you don’t see it!


If you are not a member of Ibotta  here is how to join and how it works:

Download the Ibotta App on your Apple or Android device. Before you go shopping, unlock cash rewards on products by completing quick simple tasks like watching a commercial, learning a fact about the product or completing a survey .

Next, go shopping at your favorite store. Ibotta works 100’s of chains including CVS, Kroger, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Publix, Whole Foods Markets, Sam’s Club etc.

After you shop, take a photo of your receipt with the app and upload it. Your account is credited with the money you receive within 24 hours, and you can withdraw it to Paypal or choose from a selection of gift cards.

To make this even more useful you can use Ibotta in conjunction with other store and manufacturer deals. For example, you can use paper or digital coupons  at the store during check out, then receive money back from Ibotta  too!

Also for a trip down memory lane here are 8 Things I learned on Our Family Camping Trip from six years ago.

One of our earlier camping trips. We only had three. :) Look at those babies!!!

One of our earlier camping trips. We only had three. 🙂 Look at those babies!!!

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