Organizing Coupons

You have read through THE BASICS and are on Step #2Clipping the coupons and ORGANIZING your coupons. (Remember…CLIP ALL OF THEM!!!)

You have your collection of coupons scattered all over the dining room table or the living room floor, or wherever you have designated to be Coupon Ground Zero.

How do you efficiently organize them?

TipNut has a great post about the different methods for Organizing Your Coupons. This process is still evolving for me but, I use the Envelope System. If you find this system doesn’t work for you, develop what works for you and let me know in the comments below.

I have a box with about 25 small letter envelopes in it. They all have labeled index cards stapled to the back of them. They are organized alphabetically by main category. For example the beginning of my box looks like this:

Baby products – Baking Bread – Canned Foods – Cereal Cleaning – Dairy Desserts…and so on…

I am constantly adding more envelopes as I get more coupons, and as other envelopes get too full. For example, recently my goal was to add sub-categories to the Canned Foods envelope. I need one for canned veggies, soup, fruit, etc.

The more envelopes you have the easier finding the ones you want becomes. Don’t worry, if you are just starting. Go with basic categories and add more as you go.

I also have an envelope for each specific store at which I shop. Often store specific coupons will print out during checkout. Shopping lists and other coupons you are going to use for your weekly shopping trip can also be stashed in these envelopes.

I have a separate organizational folder for restaurant, department store coupons and rebate forms. I keep the receipts that I need for rebates and rewards in here. I discovered they were always in my way when I put them in an envelope in my coupon box. So they moved into their own folder, and life is much better.

This is the way that works best for me. If you have another way or one that works fabulously for you send me an email detailing your system and I’ll try to post it on this site!