eatIn an effort to step up and do my part in this whole coupon thing, I am going to attempt to spend as little as possible next week on lunches/breakfasts.  I know.  I could pack my lunch and save money, but that’s for another post.

So here it goes.  If I stick to this plan, I should be able to feed myself and not feel guilty about “wasting money”.

(I also realize this might not be the healthiest food, but given the state of the economy…fast food is cool again.)

Monday: Free Arby’s Roastburger Sandwich.  Sign up here and receive a coupon in your email for a FREE sandwich.

Tuesday: Dollar off Wendy’s item.  Sign up here and receive the coupon via email.  So I’ll order something off the dollar menu.  SCORE!

Wednesday: Free Mocha at Bob Evan’s.  Coupon here.  With all the calories that are in a mocha, it pretty much counts as a meal.

Thursday: Free Breakfast at Chick-fil-a

Friday: More Free Arby’s with purchase of a drink.  Coupon here.

Does anyone else know of any FREE food this week?

Please let me know.  I might just starve!


  1. I may be committed to hitting the Arby's deal daily, until it expires. Free food just tastes better than that which costs money. It's a fact.

  2. Dusty,

    How did I know that you'd be all over this? The Husband said that you were the inspiration for this “Quest.”
    Happy eating!

  3. Mrssmith says:

    I hope you didn't let your quizno's coupon expire. That would be humiliating for the husband of such a frugal diva!!!

  4. Where did you find a Bob Evans?

  5. There's a Bob Evans at Cedar Bluff.

  6. Where did you find a Bob Evans?

  7. There's a Bob Evans at Cedar Bluff.


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