Our Homemade Sandbox

sandboxI was telling my my sister-in-law Sarah how much fun my boys had playing in a friend’s sand table and how I hoped to find one on clearance at the end of the summer.  She suggested making my own by using large disposable aluminum foil baking pans and filling them with sand.


I got the idea to buy a long shallow plastic tub with a lid so that the boys could have a sand box on the deck and could be covered up for later use.

Here’s my recipe for a Mobile/Homemade Sandbox:

– (1) Large shallow plastic tub with wheels and a snap on lid = ($10)

–  A couple of bags of play sand ($2.89ea). (One bag filled the tub above)

– (1)  set of measuring cups and spoons ($0.97)

Total Spent $13.86

I also found this recipe for moon sand which I am planning to try in the next few days.

So what about you?

Any frugal projects that have made your summer fun?

Please share, you know I am not that creative and need some help in this area!

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