Coupon Katie Helps Knoxville’s Darling Reporter – Erin Donovan – Save Money

Every once in a while, you meet a person with a magnetic personality and instantly become friends.  I was lucky enough to meet a person like this here in Knoxville.

Erin DonovanErin Donovan, reporter for WBIR (known in certain circles as Darin’ Erin), helped put on the small screen here in Knoxville.

I first met Erin when she came over to the house to do a story for Live at Five at Four.  We got connected through Twitter and soon she was not only shooting a story about my website, but THE HUSBAND and I kidnapped her and made her go to dinner with us and the family.  An experience I am sure she will never forget – no matter how hard she tries.

I am so happy that Knoxville Magazine chose to feature her in the August issue (page 27), and I am so honored that she mentioned meeting me and THE HUSBAND.

Congrats to you Erin (@erronious) for the feature article and maybe we can work up a coupon deal for “a date with THE ERIN DONOVAN.”

Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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