Coupon Katie Give-Away: FREE Tickets to IMAGINATION MOVERS at the TN Theatre

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Imagination Movers “Live From the Idea Warehouse” TICKET GIVE-AWAY.

Imagination Movers

AC Entertainment has provided Coupon Katie readers the chance to win a (4) pack of tickets to the show and an Imagination Movers CD.

Here are the details:

1. Enter the Give-Away by leaving a comment below.  Your comment should describe a child you know that has an active IMAGINATION… (could be your own child, grandchild, or friend’s child).

(Limit to 1 comment per email address).

2. The contest will be open until 2:59pm Friday September 25, 2009.

3. The winner will be chosen by random drawing.  The winner will be contacted via the e-mail associated with the comment.

4. Tickets will be for the 7pm Tuesday October 13 show.

Pretty simple huh?

Check out AC Entertainment’s Concert Wire for more info about the other Imagination Movers’ Shows at the Tennessee Theatre.

My two young boys love the Imagination Movers and I am so excited to be able to bring this Give-Away to you thanks to our friends at AC Entertainment.

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*Speaking of Twitter…if you don’t win the tickets during this Give-Away…no worries.

You will have another chance to win real soon…*wink wink*

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  1. We have a three and a half year old with a crazy imagination. His name is Thomas. He is very rough and tumbly and is always finding and inventing new ways to tumble around our house. It sometimes gets him into some trouble. He also likes to turn toys into Pirate weapons!

  2. thomasbaxter says:

    Hello !

    I have two great little girls ( 7 and 8 ). The other night my eight year old was reading some Bible stories when it came to Adam and Eve. The story began to tell that among some of the many responsibilities that Adam had was the fact that he was in charge of naming the animals. My eight year old, Jordan, paused after reading this and as she looked me in the eye she said ” You know, he did a pretty good job!”. ” I mean, how would you come up with squirrel, rabbit, dog, etc.” They both love to read and have stories read to them. Bedtime Stories is one of their favorite movies.

  3. My little girl, Gracie, loves Imagination Movers! She has them over to her house, will answer the door, and invite them in to play. She names her stuffed animals after the movers.

  4. My 3 yr old has a fever today. He told me to go put the fever in jail. That's where bad things go! I also have a two year old. Hope we win! They could sure use some awesome entertainment!

  5. My Shepherd turns 3 on october 1st. His imagination is just wonderful. He loves to play with animals and make all their noises. When he hears the theme song to the movers he runs over to me or his mom and drags us to the Tv so we can dance with him.

  6. Imagine …. Is my son's favorite word… He is 3 and says “Go Go Mover's” then “imagine this mommie….” He comes up with ideas about song/languages/what objects around the house could be used for other than what we use them for….

  7. Tiffany Long says:

    After being a step-mother for 3 years, I was so anxious to see how my own “flesh and blood” would act and react to things. I never could've imagined how my precious little girl would light up my life with her imagination, hugs and a smile that can brighten a room! Some of the things she does makes me wonder where on earth she gets some of these ideas!!

  8. Denise Pitcher says:

    My daughter is so imaginative! Every new medium she learns, she must create in. For example, she makes up her own stories, songs and dances!

  9. My daughter, Elizabeth, is very imaginative. She'll assign roles to the family members–she is the Mom, Dad is the dog, Mom is Elizabeth, and the dog is the cat! Then she proceeds to act out her role to the amazement of the rest of us. She is an in-charge gal who directs and hands out assignments to the rest of the team. Also at parties, she has handed out her various instruments and then told her new band to start playing.

  10. My children think they are the best!

  11. My children think these guys are the best! My kids also love to use their imagination and play air guitar and dance around to songs. Dressing up is also a huge part of their daily routine.

  12. My daughter has an amazing imagination. From her imaginary friend Sally (who goes with us everywhere) to her pretend school bus and classroom that is in our living room, it is a never ending journey with her. We laugh everyday at what her imagination comes up with. 🙂 She loves Imagination Movers. When they come on the TV she will tell me that “my movers are on momma”. Gotta love a 3 year olds imagination!!!!

  13. abible37928 says:

    My daughter Charley is 5 years old. She is constantly setting the stage for imaginative play when she and her friends get together. Charley's imagination knows no limits as she incorporates dressup, singing, dancing and often accents and body language into her play. I love to listen to the story lines she comes up with – It really makes me miss being that age.

  14. My son and daughter are quite the pair. They always pick the opposite football team to root for than me and my husband and do fantastic tandem celebratory dances every time their “team” scores! They love imagination movers.

  15. My daughters Emily (6 years old) and Laural (2 years old), are Disney lovers and watch and sing their songs often. They also have very active imaginations, singing, drawling, painting, and making potted gardens (mud pies mostly) outside. They would love to see this show!

  16. bowlinboysmama says:

    My 5-year old son Davis has an extraordinary imagination! I love to hear him sing the song “Rock the Cat's Box” and play his guitar. Can you guess what song “Rock the Cat's Box” is really supposed to be?! You 80's fans think back to 1982!

  17. Amanda Booher says:

    My daughter LOVES the Imagination Movers (well, I kinda dig'em too). Her latest endeavor is cooking and she expliains everything to the “camera” from behind her play kitchen. Her favorite dish is chocolate pie and of course we always have to try her latest recipe. Her imagination never ceases to amaze me…….oh the wonders of a child!

  18. My son Connor has a fantastic imagination… you should see him build lego ships! I never get tired of seeing the things he comes up with… He loves Imagination Movers too so this would be great. Hope we win!

  19. Phil de Nobriga says:

    We have a four year old daughter and her name is Maecy. This little girl has such a vivid imagination that sometime I can't even keep up with her. She love to dress up which takes her into such a large world of make believe that one moment she is a princess and the next she is a school teacher. Along the way she stops of to be a Rockette and then a kitty cat in a heart beat. I only wish that in her land of imagination that she has no cares or worries for in my eyes she will always be an angel.

  20. saratagliere says:

    My daughter Olivia has the most unique imagination, she is always spotting faires and fairy items, she will invent stories and games. She imagines a world where she can talk to flowers, trees and animals…she is never bored always thinking up new things!

  21. Jennifer Powell says:

    My son really enjoys the Imagination Movers and like them always has ideas on how to solve problems. He amazes me how he looks at problems and how he comes up with solutions. He is 5 years old and has a go get it and fix it attitude. He is very helpful to others his age and with me. He likes to help with dinner and with household chores. He likes to be a support to those who need help. I enjoy watching him think while he is solving a problem – I can almost see his “wheels turning” as he comes up with a solution!

  22. My son is 3 and loves to pretend our dog is everything from a horse to a sister to a pirate. He also likes to pretend he is driving across the country.

  23. jasonhsmith says:

    My wonderful son is 3 years old with a very active imagination. He likes to come up with little stories about his toys. Always an adventure!

  24. My son and daughter love to pretend. At night before bed we love to play music such as the Imagination Movers and they dance and use their own imaginations to interpret the song. On one occasion I decided that it was so cute that we made our own music video… found here

    Other nights have consisted of them going into the closet and dressing up in a combination of Spider-man and a puppy while putting on a clown show.

  25. My two kids love this show. I don't know if it is imagination or inspiration, but everytime the music comes on, they start dancing. Fun to watch.

  26. beachbum2959 says:

    My grandchildren LOVE the Imagination Movers. Chloe 13 mo. old dances to every song they sing, while her two brothers Gabe and Isaiah perform “on stage” with IM. My living room turns into The Tennessee Theatre every time they are on t.v.!

  27. amandapatterson says:

    My best friends child has Down Syndrome and absolutely LOVES the imagination movers… He is 2 and a half, and spends all of his time in therepy and dr.'s appointments, and I would love for him to get to spend a couple of hours to just enjoy life.

  28. My daughter has a very vivid imagination! She created a birthday party tonight for her daddy with streamers & party hats! She has dressed up in her Barbie dress and helped bake him a cake. She has been created this party all day in her imagination. She has made up a birthday song for him and a dance. She can't wait to surprise him! She does so many things each day that are so creative! She loves the Imagination Movers and wants to take her Dad for his birthday!

  29. WE love the Imagination Movers! My son has a great imagination. He likes to pretend a broom is a weedeater and he “weedeats” the living room.

  30. Courtney_Turner says:

    My daughter Jessie have the best imagination I have ever seen, and I work in a day care! She is always making things up as she plays. If you watch her you can just see it happening. It is great!

  31. WE love the Imagination Movers! My son has a great imagination. He likes to pretend a broom is a weedeater and he “weedeats” the living room.

  32. Courtney_Turner says:

    My daughter Jessie have the best imagination I have ever seen, and I work in a day care! She is always making things up as she plays. If you watch her you can just see it happening. It is great!